Living Full is a mobile application that serves as a resource for those who choose to live plant-based lifestlyes by eliminating animal products from their diets. This resource provides the tools necessary to make life meat free a littler easier, a little healthier, and a lot more full through connectivity and personalization.

  • Personalization

    This experience is all about you. Input your information, set your goals and make your life easier with customizable features.

  • Connectivity

    Bringing you the most seamless experience possible, Living Full provides you with all of the features necessary for living a healthy, full and meat-free lifestyle and goes one step further by connecting them.

  • Unique Features

    Find any and all of the features you need to sustain your plant-based lifestyle within Living Full.

  • Specialized

    This is an application created specifically for vegetarians and vegans. Every design and feature choice was made for you and your lifestyle.

  • Simple Design

    Just like plant-based lifestyles, Living Full is founded on simplicity. The earthy and clean design creates the ultimate user experience.

  • Premium Content

    Recipes, restuarant menus, nutrition information, you name it Living Full has got it.


Enjoy these features free of charge.

  • Food Diary
  • Nutrition Tracker
  • Grocery Basket
  • Food Scanner
  • Recipe Finder
  • Cookbook
  • Restaurant Finder


By paying a small fee each month you can gain access to all basic features plus over 100+ specialty recipes, videos and restaurant coupons. To learn more click here.

  • Premium Videos
  • Premium Recipes
  • Recipe Rating
  • Restaurant & Brand coupons

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